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Course plan
About this course
Why did we make this course at all

Course plan:

(updated as of 1.1.2011)
Week 1:
          Lesson 0
          Lesson 1
          Lesson 2
          Lesson 3
          Lesson 4
          Lesson 5
          Lesson 6
          Lesson 7
Week 2:
          Lesson 8 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 9 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 10 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 11 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 12 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 13 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 14 (temporarily - without audio)
Week 3:
          Lesson 15 (temporarily - without audio)
          Lesson 16-28 - to be available soon
           Grammar - table of verbs conjugation

About this course:

How do i begin?
Read the chapter below, and if it suits you - click on lesson 0, and off you go. If you seriuosly intend to learn here - it would be nice of you to leave a comment on this entry, introducing yourself (name, and if you want to - your age and city - for statistics only). Feedbacks in comments are more than welcome )

What's the structure of the course?
4 weeks of 7 lessons. Each lesson consists of four parts, with a grammar note, vocabulary (5-8 words) and exercise.
There are 2 recommended schedules:

  • Intensive one - a lesson every day. That makes it a 4weeks course. In that case we recommend to break a lesson into two “sessions” - a morning session (parts a&b), and an evening session (parts c&d). Each session is expected to take about 60minutes.
  • Normal one - a lesson every other day, making it an 8weeks course. Still, it's best to learn parts a&b the first day, and parts c&d the other.

Who is the target audience?
Any person willing to learn hebrew with a serious approach. Suits mostly age-group of 15-40. We would like to underline – if you're going for a week-trip and want to pick up 10 useful words - this is definitely not for you.

Where will I be by the end of the course?
You will be able to hold conversation, read and write on a decent level.

How about some learning tips?

  • Study when you're concentrated, not tired and sober. Devote yourself fully while studying and don't interrupt yourself (with phone, email, food etc.).
  • Do all exercises completely. These have been carefully suited to make the most out of learning. Skipping any would seriously hamper your progress.
  • Always check the right answer and right pronunciation, after you did the exercise. If the correct answer doesn't fit your – ask yourself why. In case you don't understand – write us / leave a comment – don't leave things unclear.
  • Try to find a couple of minutes, here and there, everyday (while walking, taking shower or anywhere else) – and repeat the new words you learned today and yesterday. Try to repeat several sentences you met in exercises (words are best remembered through their combinations in sentences).
  • When you have to write – write, don't be lazy. You can use keyboard, although we recommend to do it the good old way, with a pen and paper.

What is the vague outline of the course?
First week – alphabet, verb conjugation of main group in present&past, basic grammar, basic vocabulary.
Second and third weeks - verb conjugation of other groups, advanced grammar, lot of vocabulary.
Fourth week – yet more vocabulary, style + colloquial language.

What about modern/biblical hebrew?
This course is totally about modern hebrew. We are not teaching anything that is not commonly spoken these days.

Anything to know about IT aspects?
We're trying to make it as simple as possible. There are, however, two important features that run java script – so, if for some reason you don't have it – we suggest you go to to install it. As of the moment, the website definitely works fine with firefox, explorer and chrome.

How interactive is the website?
You can pose questions in comments (of respective lesson).You can also contact us through our email –

What about the commercial aspects?
None. There are, and will be, no “paid features”, ads or any sort of commercial activity on the site.

And our thanks go to..
to be completed

Why did we make this course at all:

(this is not very interesting)

Why do we want to do this project?
We believe in learning languages as an important social and educational tool, we see many people interested in and learning hebrew, we support self-studies, and we think the currently available tools (especially the free ones) are not of highest level.

What's wrong with the current tools?
There are 3 main categories: classical books, interactive sites and audiobooks. Interactive sites are of highest potential (nowhere near being fully realised yet); audiobooks are more convenient in certain circumstances (driving); and classic books are enjoying most experience, resulting in higher quality. Speaking of technological limitations – textbooks don't provide pronunciation, audiobooks don't provide visual texts, neither can provide video and both are awkward in navigation (especially in cross-referencing). The interactive sites, on the other hand, are (currently) of a low level from pedagogical point of view, “childish”, concentrating more on visual effects. We'd like to combine the best of all - construct a site, with quality content (effective learning methods), on a serious platform (rather than improvised flash-site), and with convenient audio (later – possibly video).

What about the methodics?
We consider the following dogmas of teaching (that prevail in books&websites) to be wrong:

  • The course must be 100% right. So, in order to avoid mistakes – books are often going way into details, overwhelming the reader with exceptions and minor rules. Instead – we prefer the reader to make “deliberate” mistakes and to fix those a bit later, as long as that makes the learning process easier, and the mistakes will be fixed fairly soon.
  • Things should be learned by topics, themes or grammatic chapters. For instance – one lesson teaches 10 colors, one lesson deals with numbers 1-10, and one – with all forms of conjugating verbs. We think this is wrong – it's known that people struggle remembering more than 5-6 items of the same category, but can easily remember 3 items from each of 3 different categories. So, in that example – it's much more efficient to give 3 colors, 3 numbers and few verb forms every lesson.
  • Exceptions are important, and should be taught right with the rule. We think people should first get used to the standard model, and only then there's a point talking about exceptions. Otherwise – student won't understand the centrality of standard model, will be overwhelmed at once with abundance of options, and will be discouraged by complexity of grammar.
  • All grammar is (equally) important. No, we think the importance of a grammar topic is proportional to its relevance in language, especially – in colloquial speech, and that should dictate the order of studies. For example, the imperative verb form is dying – it can hardly be heard on streets; that means this topic can be postponed towards the end.
  • Names of grammatic structures are important. We think these bear no importance at all. There's little use (and lots of redundancy) learning the official names of tenses, verb groups and so on. Generally speaking, attitude should be as simple as possible: instead of saying “third person singular feminine” we'd rather say “the 'she'-form”.
  • Analyzing grammar is not at all important, teaching should be comparative. We think the importance of grammar lies in its ability, for student, to put huge vocabulary into structures, and declaring these structures explicitly makes the process faster. Of course, the structures are of no importance per se, only in its assistance with vocabulary.
  • People should learn both typed and hand-written alphabet. We believe it's the typed alphabet only that should be learned (during this 4weeks course). Since the student will have no access to anything hand-written, and therefore no practice, we'd rather see him mastering writing (in hand!) the typed alphabet (even though few israelis can do that..). Getting used, later, to handwritten is very easy. Besides, in computer era, hand-written alphabet is becoming evermore obsolete.
  • Student should get grammar and vocabulary, the rest will come. We believe a more important skill is to be able to form sentences from words, and to decompose a heard sentence back to basic units. We devote significant part of lessons to translating phrases, underlining the differences in sentence-wise thinking between english and hebrew, and then the student hears the translated sentence he just created himself, learning to decompose fluent hebrew speech.
  • Words should be learned according to their importance in hebrew. True, but not only that: complexity of the word should be taken into consideration (relative to the native language of the student), as well as its normality vs. exceptionness, and its subjective link to the student. For example, word like 'super' (colloquial of supermarket) may not be most urgent to learn, neither is it most simple – but:
    since it takes no effort to remember,
    and since it actually encourages the student (giving him the illusion other words are just as easy),
    and since it's a convenient word in fabricating practicing-sentences,
    and since it can demonstrate and support grammatical rules (whereas most important words tend to be exceptions, only confusing student) -
    to summarize, we believe much thought should be put into order of vocabulary to be taught.
  • Exercises should be exercicing last lesson' material. We believe it should equally use the material of last 2-3 lessons, to keep it alive, and sampling bits of material from long ago – to renew the forgotten (so that every word will be exercised at much later stage, as well). Besides, student gets encouraged combining the new material with something he already firmly knows.
  • Language is sacred, teaching should be objective and serious. We think that everything student can relate to – works. Fun always helps. If there's a mnemonic trick – why not to show it?

What, then, we think a lesson should look like?
Each lesson of ours contains little bit of all – several verbs, several nouns, several useful words of no category, a bit of standard grammar, some corrections to the standard grammar that was taught 2-3 lessons earlier, tips on daily use and cultural references and so on. Structure of every atomic part is: grammar, vocabulary, exercise (ideally – practicing the just-learned-grammar upon the just-learned-vocabulary). The final part of every lesson contains many exercises on sentence-level.


  1. I am DR N Duane Arnold and I am a little more than a beginner in Modern Hebrew. Where have you been hiding? I love your approach to teaching the language. Keep it simple, without making it to cumbersome and overwhelming! Incorporating a little grammar,verbs,nouns,adjectives with explaination to give clarification and clarity.
    Finally,a breath of fresh-air.
    I am a minister and Dr of Religious Philosophy.
    I am 64 yrs old with 45 years of ministry experience and still speaking to churches, now that I am not pastoring now. Didn't mean to be so long. MY email address is, stay in touch that way please. The computer I am on is my daughter's. Is there a way to stay in touch with some way to log-,in?

  2. I'm utterly flattered, Dr. Duane Arnold!
    i'm glad you appreciate my approach ). i haven't been hiding - the website is quite new, and actually not yet completed.
    I haven't put the option of logging in specifically to make it as simple&open as possible. You are welcome to stay in touch, ask anything or suggest by leaving a comment.
    Good luck!

    1. Why would you stop updating such a wonderful site ?
      Please come back :'(

  3. quick first sight: great pedagogy, great results - have trawled the net and this is the best yet (i think) (am 65 with quite some natural hebrew/jewish affinities, but little natural ability)
    ps working from Chrome and get no sound

    james (jeshuah)

  4. great introductory course with a lot of potential. is there a particular rhyme or reason for how you laid out which verbs are learned first? it seems a little random to me....anyway, thanks so much for the course, i'm really enjoying it!!

  5. I'm 18-year-old and I would like to learn the spoken Hebrew... I don't need to learn the written part because it will make it harder... Will this blog be useful to me then?
    Thanks a lot I appreciate this blog...

  6. Hello from Thailand, My name is Guy and I would like to learn Hebrew for my partner so I wonder if this blog really helpful and I did some study for the first one and I still not so sure if I can make it. It's any other suggestion for someone like me to start with. SOmething easier and easy to understand ?
    Thank you so much, Guy

  7. Hola from Barcelona, i'm 25 y.o. and I love it , i use it daily ! Thank you so much. I have lots of Hebrew speaking friends and i'm well interested in learning and understanding the language !
    keep up the good work.. although one thing confuses me. Why on internet (not on this website) the marks for a, e, i etc are left out ? Will it become that obvious ? greetings !

  8. My name is Kevin Sauti. Am 35, a Malawi citizen and working in my country. I like learning languages but have always wanted to learn hebrew from way way back. I would like to visit Israel someday, that is definitely my dream. I also want to understand biblical hebrew.

  9. Lessons 1 thru 6 are done very well, however presently after Lesson 6, the audio goes dead when you click the “How it Sounds” button. When do plan on finishing the audio for lessons 7 through 15. Also when do you think you will have lessons 16 through 28 done? Once I start this program, I would like to complete it to the end without any major interuptions. Thanks for your efforts up to this point.

  10. Hi :)

    Amazing site !!!

    I am currently learning Hebrew at an Ulpan in South Africa and am in my 3rd semester.
    Your lessons are so helpful, both as practice and for all those small things that they covered in class but I never really completely understood and never wanted to ask because everyone else seemed to get it.
    I will pass this blog onto everyone in the course.

    Please keep it up.
    You're like a glass of cold water in a desert of frustration.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. 'd like to say that it's really incredible that you spent the time to create such a fantastic resource. Keep up the good work!

  13. Amazing site, thanks for caring,and please don't give up on us

  14. For years I have worked with Rabbi,s and manufacture kosher products, your course is helping greatly to obtain confidence spoken and written of the Hebrew language, I am 59 yrd old and find that there is no age limit to learning any language, your site simplifies the complicated.
    Oscar Lopez

  15. Hi,

    I'm looking forward to working through this course.

    Many thanks for providing this resource,

    Michael, 31, Germany

  16. Well, after reading through the conditions, I find that they are good and designed right for serious learners. in the next few weeks I am hoping to embark on serious Hebrew learning through the site.

  17. Could you please explain why you say the course "suits mostly" 15-40 year olds?
    Many thanks!

  18. Shalom,

    I just moved to Israel and I think I love lesson zero.
    Please bring more :)

    Toda raba,
    Svetlina, 23, Bulgaria

  19. Before the age of 8 I was in Hebrew school and speaking - but had to stop because of financial issues.

    All I remembered was the alef-bet and how to say girl/boy.

    Now I can read Hebrew if the vowels are present - and when in Israel it was fun to read signs. It's easier when with others who are reading Hebrew for services - but speaking isn't easy.

    How can I release the fear of being verbal, when reading is easier?

    $$ is a problem even at my age now. I took the ULPan but still couldn't be conversational.

  20. My name is Alison, and I live in Canada. This looks like a fantastic site and I am really looking forward to getting started learning Hebrew!

  21. i m Sheikh Muhammad Ubaid from pakistan.....i want to learn looks like more useful for me.....

  22. Hey,
    My name is Joanna, 18, I live in Australia but originally i'm Syrian/Lebanese. Thank you for this blog I guess it will be my main resource in learning hebrew (:

  23. So, just to clarify, the course is gratis?

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  26. Hi!
    My name is Klara and I´m from Stockholm, Sweden. I´m going to work in Israel for 6 months and been looking for an online course to learn som hebrew. As it is today I only know how to say 3 words in hebrew but looking forward to learn a lot more! I just finished chapter 0.a, it was a lot of fun!

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  30. Hello. I'm Sharon from the US. I have been wanting to learn Hebrew for a very long time and just came across your site. Thank you for putting this all together and making it available for free. This site looks awesome. I'm looking forward to the lessons.

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  107. Hi, my name is Marna Marie' Strauss, living in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm interested to learn Hebrew to be able to understand the bible , and also to find out why certain things have been "mistranslated" and why?

    Thank you so much for this blog and the time and effort you've put into it.


  108. Hello.

    First of all, I would like to introduce myself as a potential student. I will not be starting straight-away, as a part of the learning is the pronunciation, and sadly I do not have access to a properly working PC with working sound system.

    My name is Lukas Dohnal, Czech by nationality, twenty years old, currently living in Manchester, United Kingdom.

    I will try to put this paragraph as simply as possible. I am a sincere seeker of the Truth. Recently I encountered a Christian church. Their teachings made a lot of sense, but ultimately I found it hard to enter truly critical and rational analysis of their teaching. When I realized this, I could not continue to study with them. However, during studies with them I realized that the Bible is a special book, differing from other religious scriptures by not only stating it's divine origin, but also proving it by numerous fulfilled prophecies - which is something objectively verifiable. Thus I retained my interest in the Bible. However, after a short period of a few days when I was slightly mourning for this disappointment with the mentioned church, I realized that if I want to come to a proper objective conclusion concerning the Bible, I should probably start first with verification of whether the Jesus was the prophesied Messiah or not (which would confirm or refute authenticity of the New Testament). And since I do not want to simply accept anyone's subjective opinion supported by quoting Jewish Scripture, which I cannot even read in it's original language, which was a language conveying the meaning of the Scripture for a LONG time, it would be best for me to study the Scripture in original, not only listening to Jewish arguments against Jesus' godliness. I would like to combine study of the Jewish Scripture in Hebrew with discussing the topic with contemporary Jews to come to a conclusion.

    If anyone would have any suggestions or comments concerning this all (not necessarily relevant purely to Hebrew), I would be well pleased and grateful for being contacted. If it is not proper to put such commentaries not relevant directly to the Hebrew language on this website (which I would understand and kind of agree with it), please contact me on my e-mail address, which is

    Thank you, author(s) of this website, and thank you, potential responder to what I wrote. All the best to everyone.

  109. Dear authors,
    I've been told that the handwriting system in Modern Hebrew is different from the capital letters we see in print. Should we also study these? Why aren't they included in your website?
    Congratulations for your work. I'm willing to start very soon!
    Kind regards.

  110. Hello, my name is Frank Johnson from OSU in Columbus, Ohio, US. I very recently became interested in learning Hebrew to converse with a new friend and hallmate of mine and understand his heritage more. I don't know if I'll be able to follow through and complete this course on top of my university studies, but I wanted to say that what you've done here is truly amazing. From the free knowledge for a better society role you've taken to the brilliant and utilitarian learning model you've derived, all I can say is I hope more groups like yours rise up and do what you've done with Hebrew for all the worlds languages, perhaps even cultural learning. Keep up the good work, it is a truly noble one.


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  113. Hi, I'm Khaled from Palestine.. would love to learn hebrew! thanks for offering this course.. I will give it a try here

  114. Hi my Name is Gale Nichols and I'm from Colombia... I recently found this blogg and instantly became in love with it... it makes it so easy to learn hebrew! I was wondering if the lessons that are missing will be abailable anytime soon or did the project run into a definitive halt? eighterway i will use this to learn the basics and then start searching for more complexity. Once again thank you for the great work you put on this site. It is amazing.

  115. hi my name is susan i am from the goa and i have always loved your religion and language
    thank for making learning easier

  116. Hy, my name is Martin and im from Croatia. Reason i came here is wish to read bible in its native lanuage. His is fantastic blog.

  117. Greetings from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this website. I've been going through lesson 1 of Rosetta Stone in Hebrew, and I feel so lost because I don't understand what I'm saying or the way words are modified. I just looked through all 15 lessons and they have answered many of my questions. :) Thank you for posting these for FREE! May God bless you for your diligence and generosity. :) Are you going to add more lessons?

  118. Hello My name is Felicia, I'm from the US. I came across your web site and was pleased and excited to see all the positive comments! I have been wanting to learn Hebrew for some time now. I'm really looking forward to learning Hebrew :) Thank you for taking the time to help so many people, especially at no cost!!! God Bless you.

  119. Omg omg so there will be other lessons soon? :) You have no idea how happy I am! I've been waiting for them for such a long time now. Thank you!

  120. Omg omg so there will be other lessons soon? :) You have no idea how happy I am! I've been waiting for them for such a long time now. Thank you!

  121. thank's for your share i really like your post

  122. Thanks for the courses! It is probably the best material if you study hebrew alone. Is it possible to have also a list for the subject and adjectives ? (as you did for verbs)

  123. Hi I am from the Philippines, thank you so much for this material it will be a great help since am planning to apply as a caregiver in Israel....God bless for helping people to learn hebrew language

  124. Hi I am from Czech republic and I am really happy, that I found something like this. I wanted to learn hebrew for a long time and now I finally found website where I can learn it. Thank you :D

    Silvie, 15, Czech Republic

  125. Hello, my name is Fiore and I'm writing you from Albania. I'm 30 years old and can't wait to start this course, which by the way looks pretty amazing!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  126. You do an amazing job of teaching Hebrew. Huge Congratulations.
    I would LOVE the lessons up to 28. It's the best online language site I have come across. I really think you have a proper online language business here. Keep going!

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  130. Toda rava ...greetings excited to learn Hebrew language am 61 years old soon to marry my fiance'a Jewish will really help me to learn the language once again toda raba. GOD bless you. Asia2013novresh

  131. Hello! My name is Andrei (Romania, 26 y.o.) and together with my girlfriend we decided to learn Hebrew. We must say that this course it's amazing and unfortunately, because of our jobs, we don't have enough time to allocate for this. Still we are very keen to learn Hebrew and after 2-3 lessons we see real progress. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to interact with such an interesting language.

  132. I'm Hillary from kenya. Thank you so much for making this site available to us. I'm 26 yrs.

  133. Hi I am Alex. I am 14 and from Canada. Thank you for creating this site :)

  134. Hi, me and some friends in Israel made a really cool (and free) game for learning Hebrew, I'd love for you to check it out and share on your page:!hebrew-home/c17k9

  135. Hey! I'm Rachel Ward and I'm 13. :) I live in New York ( not specifying where ). I'm always up for learning a new language. Since my famliy is from all over the place, I grew up learning spanish, french an italian! But I've always wanted to learn hebrew so, I guess I'll finally learn!

  136. שלום :)
    My pseudonym is Pauli and I'm from Cape Town. Currently living in Berlin. I'm 28 years old and a total language geek. This blog seems very promising. Thanks for the effort.

  137. I'm Tzippie from Riverside, California. I'm 30 years old. I've had bad luck learning Hebrew so far and am hoping that your unique approach will be what I need to finally get a start on this most beautiful of languages. Part of the reason for my urgency to finally learn Hebrew is that I plan to homeschool my son (there are no Jewish day schools in Riverside). So I want to get at least a basic proficiency in using the language out of the way as soon as possible. As it is, most of my vocabulary is straight out of the siddur and completely useless for ordinary conversation. I read Hebrew stories to my toddler, sounding out the words fluidly but with no more sense of the meaning than he has. It's the grammar that trips me up. I've told people I don't think I'm smart enough for Hebrew verb paradigms. But I'm willing (desperate, even) to give it another go.

    1. You are a liar and bitch

  138. Hi, I'm Daniel from Tennessee. I have wanted to learn Hebrew for a while and this looks like a great way to do so. Quick Question - will weeks 3-4 be completed?

  139. Please update!!!

  140. Hi where is the alphabet.

  141. Hello I'am Alpaslan, I'am from Turkey and I have a clear interest in Hebrew language, and I hope this web page will help me get the basics. Thanks for your effort.

  142. I'm luan and im from brazil. I do like learning languages and got interested in hebrew when i first listened to infectrd mushroom. I apreciate ehat this aite does for us, who wants to learn. Thanks for carrying this on. I hope i take it the most serious i can or as my uni lets me. Thanks again

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  148. Hey! I'm Bob and I live in the U.S. I just made some Hebrew friends and I'm looking forward to using this site to learn Hebrew so I can speak with them. Thanks for your hard work!

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